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Fashion Design students will learn everything about designing and creating clothes. During the first months of the program, students will learn to draw bodies, render different fabrics, and begin to create collections. We'll talk about famous fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Christian Siriano, and take part in fashion challenges. By the end of class, students will sew something they designed. Fashion Design students gain so much confidence throughout the course. You simply will not believe what your kid can do!

Sewing students will learn to gain proficency on the sewing machine by sewing projects they will love. Every kid's first project will be a draw string bag- to keep their projects in, of course! After that, they will pick from a themed selection every month and sew what they like at their own pace.

Adult Sewing is for anyone 18+. Classes are on a drop-in basis, though it is strongly suggested that you reserve your seat ahead of time. Adults will work at their own pace on a variety of projects of their choosing.

United States History through fashion is a class for kids ages 8-12, but is flexible. It is designed for homeschooled kids. Kids will learn about every decade of the US from 1900-2019, one decade each class. We will focus on the major events of each decade and how they impacted indivuduals. Kids will pick their favorite (human) character and transform them into each decade's clothing, thinking about how that character's personality might influence their choices. This class is a great introduction to big topics like US involvement in WWI and WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11, and general pop culture. We will watch clips of movies and more.

History of Disney Princesses is a class for kids ages 8-12, but is fleible. It is designed for homeschooled kids. In this class, students will uncover the real history that each Disney Princess lived in. They will learn to analyze movies through watching clips and discussing them. We will reimagine their stories and fashions as something more historically accurate, while also learning a bit about how people lived in each time and place. See the schedule below: Week 1 Moana Polynesia, 100 CE Week 2 Jasmine [Aladdin] Middle East, 600s Week 3 Merida [Brave] 900s Scotland Week 4 Aurora [Sleeping Beauty] 1350s England Week 5 Mulan China, 1400s Week 6 Snow White 1550s, Germany Week 7 Pocahontas Jamestown, Virginia, USA 1615 Week 8 Belle [Beauty & the Beast] France, 1750s Week 9 Rapunzel [Tangled] 1780s Germany Week 10 Cinderella 1860s, England Week 11 Ariel [The Little Mermaid] 1900, Portugal Week 12 Tiana [The Princess and the Frog] New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 1920s

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