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Missed Classes

If a student misses a class during the school year or summer, they can make it up on another day of the week. Parent must contact Melissa to confirm a space as not all classes accommodate can additional students every week. 


For workshops, summer camp, and after school programs

If cancellations are made with at least 1 week notice, your student can reserve a space in another similar class at another time during the year. 

For example: If you cancel a summer camp in July 2024, you can apply that tuition to another summer camp in summer 2024. If you sign up for a Monday after school class in 2024 but your schedule changes, you can apply that tuition to another class in the 2024-25 school year. Tuition cannot be applied past the period it was originally intended for. 

If you cancel with less than 1 week's notice, you forfeit the tuition paid. 

Refunds will only be given if Busy Bee cancels a class.

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