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In the Classroom
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Fashion Design and Sewing Classes

Unleash your DIY powers

Melissa has been teaching fashion design and sewing for more than 5 years to kids and adults. Her students participate in fashion shows, attend elite fashion universities, and learn life skills that will serve them no matter what their life stage is. 

Fashion Design Studio


Learn with us!

Children & Teen Sewing

Learn to sew on the sewing machine! Make exciting new projects every week. Children ages 5 and up can learn to sew at Busy Bee!

Kids learn valuable DIY skills that will serve them their entire life. 

Fashion Design

Learn how to be a fashion designer! Design and create clothing, learn all about the industry, and more. 

Fashion students will make stylish clothing they can actually wear! 

Adult Sewing

You are never too old to learn how to sew! Sewing projects like clothing, home decor, and more- personalized to your taste. Show off your skills for your friends and family- or just for yourself! 


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